September flower and lavender bouquet

September is the month when I harvest all my wonderful lavender and I couldn’t resist this photo of a beautiful lavender bouquet. I’ll be making various items with my lavender heads and have taken inspiration from Pinterest in the past. This fabulous site is full of great ideas and I like nothing more than spending a few hours browsing!

2nd September

I’m always looking for quick and easy mid week meals, but they have to be really tasty to satisfy my family! Annabel Karmel’s book 100 Family meals is a constant source of inspiration for me and one of my favourite recipes is her Mild King Prawn Curry, fabulous!

3rd September

I’ve been busy searching for some inspirational ideas for my lavender and Pinterest always comes up trumps, take a look at these brilliant ideas….Lavender

12th September

In our house, Friday night is curry night, sometimes made with fish, other times with lentils but most often with chicken! I also like to throw in as many vegetables as possible to make it super healthy whilst still being super tasty. You can use pretty much any vegetable you like and this recipe is a great way to use up all those slightly sad looking pieces lurking at the bottom of your fridge! ……read more.