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26th April

I have added some new additions to the Cos Spring 2013 board on Pinterest, take a look at the gorgeous blue ribbed top….

24th April

My second post in the Healthy Eating for Kids series deals with additives, including artificial sweeteners, MSG, preservatives and colours. What are these chemicals doing to our kids? Read the post to find out…

22nd April

An article on stained glass caught my eye on the amazing Houzz website. Stained glass windows can be beautiful or garish depending on how well they are designed. This article showcases some lovely examples of how magnificent they can be.


Healthy eating for kids is a subject I’m truly passionate about; it’s not always easy to feed your kids the right stuff but a few simple additions can make all the difference. Read my post on Healthy Eating for Kids, the first in a series of posts on this subject.

Salmon, Kabocha and Potatoes LunchBots Bento

15th April

Had a lovely weekend with a trip down to London on Saturday with a good friend. We saw the Manet exhibition at The Royal Academy, followed by a leisurely lunch at Cicchetti Piccadilly and a walk back up Regent Street for some shopping! We stopped by Gilly Hicks at Hollister where I picked up some underwear for my two teenagers, they have a great offer on, 5 undies for £20 and they are gorgeous! Also on the agenda were Cos (50% sale now on) and Banana Republic, my two favourite shops. Unfortunately we ran out of time so will have to return soon…

12th April

Dutch Interior Design is not something that merits much in the way of press or attention but my Sister lived in Holland for several years and I was always impressed when I visited. I spotted some photos on Houzz showing the fabulous results of a remodel by the dutch couple- Van Liers’ . Take a look at Dutch Style, does it inspire you?

10th April

Yesterday, someone searched my site for “High End Contemporary Living Rooms”. It’s not an area I’ve worked in with either my Properties or Interior Designs so I turned to Houzz for some inspiration. If you’ve never used Houzz, please take a look, it’s a fabulous collection of  design ideas with thousands of photos. You can create your own idea books for free, or look at other people’s. Why not take a look at my new idea book “High End Contemporary Living“?

8th April

I spotted this cute collection of earrings from one of my favourite stores- Anthropologie- Petite Trimmings is just gorgeous!


7th April

I love this time of year when you start to see all the new born lambs in the fields, at least you do if you are lucky enough to live near fields, for those who don’t I’ve collected some gorgeous pics on Pinterest.

5th April

Have you ever suffered from Acne? Does your skin still bear the scars? If so, this post is for you! Natural Remedies for Acne Scars……. even if you are just looking to improve the quality of your skin then this is worth a read.

4th April

The cold weather is really starting to annoy me now! I want to start thinking about Spring/Summer clothes! To keep myself going I’ve been surfing Atterley Road‘s site. It’s a one stop shop for some of the best brands and has some great ideas for putting outfits together. Most recently they have some ideas for wearing Orange Trousers and Transitional Dressing for the difficult Winter into Spring look.

3rd April

Carrying on from the “Luxury for Less” theme, why not try recycling your old furniture? Transform old pieces into something new with these great ideas: “10 ideas for recycling furniture“.

Repurpose TV Trays

2nd April

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Ideal Home Exhibition at Earl’s Court, London. It was fantastic and really lived up to expectations. I came away with lots of great ideas which I hope to turn into posts over the next few weeks. It did get me thinking about “tricks of the trade”, so many of the room sets used ideas that I have learned myself over 20 plus years of property developing. One of  these is how to make a room look like it has cost a fortune and is full of expensive items, when in fact everything has been done on a very tight budget. Take a look at my post “A Luxury Look for Less” for some ideas to use yourself.

What are you planning to do in April?

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