August and holiday time, hands up who would like to be spending a few weeks on a Greek Island like this? I have just returned from 2 weeks in Rhodes and saw plenty of beautiful sights like this one, but you would never know it as my photos sadly don’t do justice to the original images! Photography is definitely not my forte, but it is possible to take better photos by following some simple advice from a professional photographer (see below).

17th August is A level results day for thousands of students and it can be a mixed bag; while some will be jumping for joy, there will be plenty more who haven’t got the grades they were hoping for. This year is especially tough as there were no retakes allowed so results are likely to be lower overall. If this is you or your child, don’t panic! There are plenty of options open to you, all you need to do is to get on the phone! The exam results helpline is a great place to start, for advice and information or just a sympathetic ear! If you were very close to the grades required for your preferred course then try ringing the university or college to check whether they will still accept you. Or perhaps there is a similar course to the one you wanted that will take you. Showing some initiative will always go down well, even if you are referred back to official lines it can’t do any harm. For more information, read A level results: What to do next. Good luck!

The most popular recipe on my site at the moment is Stuffed Marrow; the perfect easy, summer, supper dish. This was something of a staple for my family when I was a child but it’s not something you see much of now. However, marrows are in season, cheap and delicious, give it a try!

It may be the summer holidays but I still seem to be short on time when it comes to making the evening meal! Tonight, I’ve gone with a family favourite, Pasta and Meatballs. It’s incredibly quick and easy because instead of traditional meatballs, I use sausages. So delicious, try it!

Pasta with meatballs

To make your holiday photos bring back even better memories, follow Sophie Goldsworthy‘s excellent advice in How to Take Great Photos….

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