Detox Food Lists

These food lists are a companion to the Detox Yourself post and will help you choose at a glance which foods to eat and which to avoid. The detox diet is also an ideal one to follow if you are suffering from Cystitis or Thrush; both of these conditions will benefit from an alkaline, low sugar regime.

One food you should eat every day is Short Grain Brown Rice. Rice is one of the most absorbent carbohydrates we can have in our diet. It does not give rise to the allergic reactions and intolerances that many wheat based carbohydrates cause. As rice travels through the gut it collects all the waste and then flushes it out; combined with a healthy alkaline diet, this will leave the gut cleansed and working more efficiently. Short grain brown rice is the most absorbent kind and should be eaten every day, it has a lovely nutty flavour and texture. It can be bought from most health food shops.


The Fruit List


Apples                                           Grapefruit                                           Paw-Paw
Apricots                                         Grapes                                               Peaches
Bilberries                                       Greengages                                         Pears
Blackberries                                     Guavas                                               Pineapple
Blackcurrants                                    Kiwi fruit                                           Plums
Blueberries                                      Lemons                                               Pomegranates
Cherries                                         Limes                                                Prunes
Cranberries                                      Loganberries                                      Quinces
Currants (dried and fresh)                       Lychees                                              Raisins
Damsons                                          Mangoes                                             Raspberries
Dates                                            Melons                                               Redcurrants
Figs                                             Nectarines                                           Strawberries
Gooseberries                                     Passion fruit                                       Sultanas


The Vegetable List


Artichokes (all)                                 Chicory                                            Peppers (all)
Asparagus                                        Chinese Leaf                                       Plantain
Aubergines (eggplant)                            Courgettes (zucchini)                         Potatoes*
Beans (French, runner)                           Cucumber                                           Pumpkin
Beans (broad, butter, kidney)                    Fennel                                             Radishes
Bean Sprouts                                     Kohlrabi                                           Spring Greens
Beetroot                                         Leeks                                              Spring Onions
Broccoli                                         Lettuce (all)                                      Swede
Brussels Sprouts                                 Marrow                                             Sweetcorn*
Cabbage (red, white, savoy, spring)              Okra                                               Sweet Potatoes*
Carrots                                          Onions                                             Squashes
Cauliflower                                      Parsnips                                           Turnips
Celery                                           Peas                                               Watercress


*Not to be included on a Candida (Thrush) diet


The Nut List


Almonds                                        Hazelnuts                                     Pine Nuts
Brazils                                       Macadamia Nuts                                Pistachio Nuts
Cashews                                        Pecans                                        Walnuts


The Pulse, Seed, Herb and Spice List


Alfalfa                                       Fennel                                           Rosemary
Basil                                         Ginger (all)                                     Sage
Cardomom pods                                 Lemon Grass                                      Sesame seeds
Chick peas                                    Marjoram                                         Sunflower seeds
Chillies                                      Pepper                                           Tarragon
Coriander                                     Pumpkin seeds                                 Thyme


The Non-Dairy List


Goats Cheese                             Sheep’s Milk                                   Soya Milk
Sheep’s Cheese                           Goat’s Yogurt                                  Rice Milk
Goat’s Milk                              Sheep’s Yogurt                                 Nut Milks


The Fish List

Use fresh where possible, or freshly frozen. Tinned fish is okay if there is no added salt (brine). Buy tins with fish in oil or fresh water. Smoked fish is okay if it is natural without added colour or flavourings.


Cod                                      Mackerel                                             Sardines
Crab                                     Monkfish                                             Scampi
Haddock                                  Pilchards                                            Shrimps
Halibut                                  Plaice                                               Skate
Herring                                  Prawns                                               Trout
Lemon Sole                               Salmon                                               Tuna


The Drinks List


Try to drink 3 pints (1.7 litres) of water a day. You can drink warm or hot water with a little honey, lemon or lime.


Herbal teas                          Fresh squeezed juice                     Water
Honey in water                       Apple juice                              (still or fizzy)
Lemon in water                       Grape juice                              Vegetable juice


The Miscellaneous List


Balsamic vinegar                     Olive Oil                                  Seaweed
(no added sugar)                     Olives, green or black                     Sesame Oil
Cider vinegar                        Grapeseed Oil                              Tahini
Miso                                 Quorn                                      Tofu
Mustard, grain                       Rice cakes, unsalted                       Walnut Oil


Common Foods You Cannot Have


Avocados                               Too much starch and fat
Bananas                                Too much starch and fat
Bread                                  Gluten difficult to digest
Caffeine                               Chemical stimulant
Chocolate                              Too much sugar and fat
Cow’s milk, cheese                     Lactose difficult to digest
Lentils                                Too much gas
Mushrooms                             Too much fungus
Oranges                               Too acidic
Peanuts                               Too much fat and starch
Salt                                   Leads to potassium deficiency and water retention
Spinach                               Too acidic
Sugar                                  Disturbs blood glucose and insulin levels
Tomatoes                              Too acidic


My name is Caroline Sutton and I'm a wife and mother of 3 children, passionate about food, keeping me and my family healthy, gorgeous interiors and shopping! I have a degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology and continue to be interested in the science behind diet and drugs. I also have a Diploma and City and Guilds in Interior Design and for the last 17 years have run a property company which develops, redevelops and manages rental properties: Sunlight Properties Ltd.

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