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Here are some great ideas taken from my Pinterest board: DIY Storage. There are some fantastic ideas on Pinterest if you take the time to look, alternatively take a look at my boards for more ideas!


Think outside the box- how can you use boxes/containers on the wall?

Attach baskets to your bathroom wall to store towels, face cloths and small items. This keeps the floor area free of clutter and gives easy access to towels.

A really simple but clever idea, turn an underbed storage drawer on its side and add castors, use lengths of skirting and dowelling to create storage shelves for small items.

Who hasn’t got a small space, either in the kitchen or utility room, where you could use this idea? An underbed storage drawer has been turned on its side, castors added and sections created with architrave and dowelling. This makes a great storage area for small items.

Diy Storage Idea. #handmadecharlotte

Use old drawers, lined with pretty paper to create a storage unit in a girl’s bedroom.


Use architrave or coving screwed to a door or wall to create storage for high heeled shoes. They look great as a display too!

A wine rack has been used in a bathroom to provide storage for towels, a great stylish and space saving idea.

I love this idea, it would work really well behind a door as it’s not necessarily the most attractive of ideas! PVC pipes have been glued together to form shoe storage, ideal for summer flip flops, flat pumps and sandals. It would also work inside a cupboard.

These are actually letter racks doing double duty on a shelf holding flip flops!

Shower rings on a wooden hanger become instant storage for scarves. This is brilliant for holding silky scarves which inevitably slide off a hanger on their own.

This is so clever, a white bar stool, turned upside down, castors added and purpose made pockets sewn to create storage for wrapping. Who wouldn’t love to have their very own wrapping station?

Another wrapping idea, can you guess where this is? It’s actually the ceiling of a walk in cupboard! A genius use of space, all it took was 2 lengths of wire screwed into the wall with cup hooks and eyes.

For storing your winter boots in pristine condition buy some pipe insulation from your local DIY store; it costs next to nothing. Cut it up and place it in your boots, it provides ideal support for them in storage over the summer months. The central hole also gives some ventilation!

I love this! It’s such a simple but really eye catching idea. Steal some of your kids lego to make a great key holder.

A very inventive use of a draining board dish rack! The plate stand provides support for files and the cutlery/utensil holder is ideal for pens.

Can you guess what this started out as? A wall planter!  A novel idea for fruit or vegetables and a great way to keep items off the work top but within easy reach.

If your DIY skills stretch to this, it’s a great storage idea for very little cost. Screw wooden batons to the wall to creat runners for laundry baskets. I could really do with this in my utility room!

Cover plastic pots with lids and make a hole in the lid for twine or string storage. Stops them getting all tangled up!

I wish I had all these shoes! If you want your collection on display then why not use a book shelf? This one has alternate glass shelves which looks lovely.

Do you have any DIY storage ideas of your own? Please share with us!


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