I love it when you can feel spring is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and the daffodils are starting to show themselves. Yellow is such a happy, sunny colour and there is plenty of it around right now; flowers, clothes, homeware, just not much sun!


    • 27th February- I’m feeling crafty! I found all these great craft pins on Pinterest, have a look, they are bound to inspire you. I am especially loving the “hanging kids bookmarks”. A great Mother’s Day present.


    • 25th February- In the news recently the true calorific value of food has been discussed, this is something I posted on a while back, I’ve updated the post to reflect recent findings which are quite shocking! Read more here…


    • 23rd February- I’m having a Swedish moment! I just love Swedish style, read more here about  the history and how to recreate it.


    • 20th February- When it comes to front door colours, how do you choose one? What does it say about you? Find some inspiration here.


    • 19th February- The middle of half term for my family when we start to get “I’m bored!” If you are in the same boat why not try rock climbing for something different? There are plenty of indoor climbing centres around the country, it’s great fun and fantastic for core strength and fitness. Find a centre here. Or if you fancy a DIY paint project, why not reinvent an old door? Read more here.


    • 18th February- Being a 40 something blogger, it’s easy to get a bit disillusioned with all the glamorous 20 and 30 somethings out there who produce the most amazing (but for me unattainable!) style blogs. I have been doing some research into likeminded blogs and bloggers, there’s a lot of us around! I found a great site: 40+style which is a really useful resource for finding more blogs, check it out!


    • 17th February- Are you planning to update a room in your house? Find some inspiration and help with a look at the best Smartphone Apps. You might just need to look at your home in a different light, remind yourself what you used to love about your home with these great tips from Houzz.



    • 14th February-  My middle child is extremely dyslexic and looking back the signs were there from quite an early age, but what are they? Roughly one in five people are dyslexic, 20% of the population, that’s huge! Obviously there are varying degrees of dyslexia and many dyslexics, being very bright,  develop extremely good masking techniques, so it can be difficult for a teacher to know their actual ability. Read about the warning signs here.


Food notes


One of my favourite recipes from Gok Wan’s book “Gok Cooks Chinese”, Poppa Wan’s Soy Glazed Chicken is very simple but very tasty.

It’s still cold outside so warm yourself up with some hot soup, Sweet Potato and Red Pepper, delicious and super healthy, exactly what you need at this time of year. A bowl of this will give you half your daily vitamin C.

For a healthy start to the day, why not try Annabel Karmel’s Banana and Cinnamon Muffins? This winning combination will keep you going until lunchtime as they are low GI and cinnamon reduces sugar cravings.

Lemon, Poppy seed and Almond cake will give you a taste of sunshine when it’s cold outside!

Banana bread is another sunny recipe, delicious for breakfast or lunchboxes and kids love it!


Health Notes

Is there any way that diet can influence dyslexia or other learning disorders? How can a healthy diet and/or supplements improve symptoms?

Read more in Diet and Dyslexia.

With the lack of sunlight at this time of year comes an increased risk of Vitamin D deficiency. Not only does this Vitamin help with bones, it also benefits people with diabetes, allergies, heart disease and colds.

Read more here about Vitamin D.


Interior Design Notes




Are you planning a house renovation this spring? A useful skill to have is to be able to produce scale drawings. This post will tell you all you need to know even if it is just how to interpret professional drawings.


Do you have a “neutral” room scheme? Are you disappointed with the result? Find out how to make it work for you by adding some interest.





The Next Homeware range has a lovely sunny feel, see my pick of the latest collection.



Shopping Notes

The super stylish Swedish brand COS never fails to deliver on style. Simplicity is key, the easy to wear pieces are beautifully made and look very expensive. The SS2013 collection is almost here but in the meantime here is my pick of the store.


Yellow is the colour of sunshine! Brighten up your day with some little touches of yellow in your wardobe.

What are you looking forward to? Do share!

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