I love food and we need to eat to live right? So why not make it as gorgeous as possible?

I have always been interested in nutrition, it was my first choice of career to be a dietician at the tender age of 16. However I was persuaded by the nuns (don’t ask!) that a better, and more academic, choice would be pharmacy. I then embarked on a sales and property development career, life hey! So now I’m back full circle to what interests me most and how times have changed! There is so much information out there about nutrition and the science behind it- very confusing even to me and I have a degree in Biochemistry!

Having read and reread books and books on the subject of food (as you can see here!)

All my cookery books!

I hope to share (in a simple way!) what I’ve learned. This will be in the form of favourite recipes and also some posts on why we should eat certain things and supplements for common conditions. Not all the recipes are really healthy, you have to have some treats! But my motto is follow the 80/20 rule, if you are good 80% of the time then you can indulge for the other 20%.

I also don’t believe in diets unless you have a serious health condition where you really can’t eat certain foods. The way you eat should be how you eat all the time and be able to maintain a healthy weight. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, as I said I love my food! All my recipes are about delicious, nutritious and easy to cook meals which are family friendly and crowd pleasers!

Please feel free to post your own favourite recipes!


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