Garden Path Ideas

There are endless possibilities for Garden Paths depending on your style and the area you have to play with. Take a look at these Garden Path Ideas for some inspiration for your own space:


I love the contrast between the purple/silver Salvia and the light green Alchemilla. The roses (climbing “Mary Rose”) peeping through the picket fence soften the whole effect.
A beautiful alternative to the traditional picket fence, turn panels 90′ and add in a curve for maximum effect.
Curves work so well with paths and invite you to walk into the space beyond. Here a simple grass on the right side is contrasted with a variety of planting on the left.
Alternatively, a straight line path is complemented by formal box hedging, a classic English garden look.
This is a really unusual idea which creates the look of a stream running alongside a path. The path has been dug out on one side to create a raised area and then back filled with large pebbles.
A minimalist look created with decking planks, pebbles and ferns. Just 3 elements combined to stunning effect.
The curve of the path invites you in to a secret space, stepping stones create a natural look with plants allowed to run riot , no weeding required!
Add a feature like a bird bath for extra interest. The crazy paving is softened by a variety of plants and heights, the pink flowers look random but have been planted alternately left and right to draw the eye to the end.
A gravel path contrasts well with the large rocks of the raised bed, these in turn provide a resting place to sit and admire the pool.
A natural looking setting has been achieved with trees lining the path, while the grass underneath has been allowed to grow long.
A complete contrast to the woodland is this formal garden path. The gravel has been inset with pavers in a diamond shape and the surrounding plants arranged classically according to height and colour. Finally the box hedging has been manicured to frame the space.
A great idea for gardens which struggle with drought or are very sandy. The gravel path is surrounded by a variety of hardy grasses, lavender and other drought resistant plants which can survive the toughest of conditions.
A path doesn’t have to mean hard landscaping. Here, a lawned path has been created through the trees, very easy to maintain as it’s just an extention of the surrounding lawn.

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