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Top tips for packing for a holiday

Packing for holidays can be a nightmare, especially where kids are involved (always check their bags if they are packing for themselves, 5 bikinis and no underwear rings a bell!). Even if you only have yourself to pack for it can be stressful.

There is a whole host of information out there written by some very experienced travellers, I’ve rounded up my favourite ideas which cover travel to various places for a variety of situations. You can also visit my Pinterest board…Holiday Packing. For myself, I find it useful to have a packing list on my computer to cover the basics needed, plus additional “add ons” depending on the type of holiday (sun, ski, city etc). You can see my Packing Lists at the end of this post.

First up is an article which appeared in the Telegraph by Lisa Armstrong aimed at the single girl…..

Unless you’re vacationing with Valentino on his yacht, you always need fewer clothes than you think, although perhaps slightly more than Ryanair reckons. There’s a happy, zen-like balance between what a nudist would pack and what Paris Hilton deems essential – a nirvana-like place of just enough variety, where you wear everything you squished into your case, and your toiletries don’t end up costing more than the flight in excess baggage. Here are the 12 steps to happiness…

Bra top £22.50, matching briefs £14;

 The swimwear (above)
It’s not exactly a space-hogger and if you’re heading to warm waters, they’ll be your daily companions. This is where you can have fun and ring in the changes. Weed out the past-it, buy one or two new bikinis each year, take half a dozen or so with you and keep the whole shebang vaguely colour- coordinated……….Read more here

Second is some information from Mumsnet on packing for kids which includes some useful checklists.

Overstuffed suitcase

As holidaying with children means umpteen more things to take, there are inevitably umpteen more things to forget. So, a geeky majority of Mumsnetters agree, the best plan is to keep a holiday spreadsheet on your computer and update it each time you’re foolish enough to book some time away.

Don’t know where to start? Not really one for lists? Here are some basic examples to get you started. If you’re planning on travelling with just one bag, don’t forget to check out our tips for packing hand luggage only …….Read more here.


Packing organization

Thirdly, when it comes to actually packing your bags there are some great ideas on the Holiday Extras Blog. Taken from various travel nuts (and experts!) who travel frequently and have perfected the art of organising your holiday packing……Read more here.

Finally, if you are travelling light, you could do with some tips for travelling with hand luggage and how to pack a miniscule bag! Lonely Planet has compiled some ideas for you…

Hand luggage holiday

 For some great tips on planning your perfect holiday, read my post: Holiday Planning.


I’ll be adding more packing ideas soon!

Winter Packing List

Winter Packing List (PDF)

Clothes Toiletries Miscellaneous
Ski/Warm jacket Shampoo Back pack
Salopettes/trousers Conditioner Hand warmers
Thermal tops/bottoms Soap Camera and charger
Ski/Warm socks Toothbrush and toothpaste Phone/ipad charger
Tights Face wipes/cleanser Kindle/ipad
Fleeces Moisturiser Passports
Neck warmer/scarf Make up EHIC cards
Gloves Deodorant Tickets/Travel docs
Hat (helmet) Hand sanitiser Driving licence/car hire docs
Sunglasses Nail file varnish and remover Excess insurance cover
Goggles Cotton wool Hair drier
Nightwear Foot file Coffee/Tea/Food
Slippers Ear plugs/eye mask Washing up liquid
Swimwear Vitamins Washing tabs
General clothes Plasters Travel games (cards etc)
Underwear Ibuprofen/paracetomol Music/DVDs
Indigestion remedy Speakers
Anti allergy tablets

Summer Packing List

Summer Packing List (PDF)

Clothes Toiletries Miscellaneous
Swimwear Sun lotion Camera and charger
Beach towels Spf lip balm Phone/ipad charger
Sarongs After sun Kindle/ipad
Shorts Mosquito spray Passports
Sunglasses Cooling spray EHIC cards
Sunhat Shampoo Tickets/Travel docs
Cap Conditioner Driving licence/car hire docs
Sportswear Soap Excess insurance cover
Beach mat Toothbrush and toothpaste Hair drier
Goggles Face wipes/cleanser Coffee/Tea/Food
Swim hat Moisturiser Washing up liquid
Sun suit (spf kids) Make up Washing tabs
General clothes Deodorant Pool games
Underwear Hand sanitiser Lilo
Shoes/flip flops/beach shoes Nail file varnish and remover Travel games (cards etc)
Cotton wool Music/DVDs
Foot file Speakers
Ear plugs/eye mask Beach bag
Vitamins PVC Bag for wet swim suits/towels
Indigestion remedy
  Anti allergy/histamine

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