How to choose a Front Door colour

How to choose a Front Door colour

What does your front door say about you? Does it reflect your personality or does it hide what’s inside? Colours can make a whole lot of different statements, but choosing a colour needs to reflect not only your own likes but also the look of your home. Take a good look at not only the colour of walls but also the materials and trims. The following photos illustrate some points to consider before choosing a colour.

Yellow lifts an otherwise monochrome house. A lovely sunny colour which will make you smile every time you come home.

A deep red contrasts nicely with the green. Opposites in the colour spectrum work well together. So if your house is painted a particular colour, take a look at a colour wheel to work out what would be complementary.
Orange and grey is an unusual combination but it works! Again they oppose each other on the colour wheel. There is a lot of grey around right now so it’s worth remembering the combination.
A softer alternative to orange for contrasting with a grey trim.
A deep purple looks almost navy blue, in fact it will change colour with the light. An unusual but subtle choice. It works really well with the grey walls because they are in the same colour spectrum. Similar or opposite colours work well together.
A black door, always looks smart. Here a matt black makes a classic combination feel more contemporary. The white trim provides a nice contrast, if this was grey or black the door would just disappear.
A bright red works well with white.
A subtle but beautiful choice, a pale duck egg blue also works well with white. Gorgeous! In fact, any colour will work with white.
A stunning turquoise makes a real statement.
When your house frontage is quite a busy combination of stone, tiles and timber, a white door is a soothing, restful and inviting addition. Even though the only colour here is white, the combination of different materials provides enough interest to make it work.
Of course you don’t need to paint a beautiful wooden door, just treat it to bring out the natural grain.
To see more great door colours, go to Houzz and search the ideabooks, it’s a great source of inspiration and you can create your own ideabooks/moodboards for projects. What’s your door colour? Does it say anything about you?

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