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Spring is the traditional time for redecorating your home, perhaps it is something to do with the change in the light; longer days mean we have more time to notice imperfections!

Once you’ve decided to do a bit of painting, you need to choose your paint colours and this is easier said than done! There is a bewildering array of colours available out there and while you can buy sample pots to test at home, a little bit of advice from a professional could be helpful.

Fortunately the fantastic Better Homes and Gardens website has just the advice you need. It could save you a few fruitless trips to the DIY store!

I’ve reproduced some of the advice here but you can watch the videos in full on the site by clicking the link above.

1. Choosing a Colour Palette

Choosing a paint palette for your home can be a daunting experience. Here is how you can make  it easy.  The most perfect colour combinations are always found in nature. Think about the places in nature that you like the best and start with those for inspiration. The colour palette in this room of pale jade (celadon), turquoise and a bright pink was inspired by the early sunrise.

The other thing to remember when choosing a colour palette is that you really need 3 colours. You want a dominant colour which could be the walls, as in this room, or the upholstery. Number 2 is your secondary colour, the second most dominant colour and it should be a complementary colour like the hot pink in this scheme. Finally, throw in an accent colour, you can’t go wrong with a citrus like yellow or orange.

  2. How to Choose the right Paint Colour

With so many colours to choose from, where do you start? How do you find the colour you love? Top tip number 1 is to go a little greyer than you think you should. What adds depth to the colour on the wall is the amount of grey in it and that’s what makes them look fantastic and soft on the walls.

Tip number 2 is, in any brand,  look for the historical colour ranges, they’re meant to look a little aged and work perfectly in any scheme from traditional to modern. The paint finish is also important, in today’s world a washable matte is the best way to go. It’s flat with a slight bit of sheen which makes it very practical, washable but touchable, perfect for families with kids.

3. 2014 Colour Palette

According to BHG, the colour palette for 2014 is a vibrant one of delphinium and cobalt blues, pebble beige, poppy red, sunny yellow, leaf green and lilac. You can read the full story here….

2014 Color Palette of the Year


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