How To Dye Chair/Sofa Covers

I’ve often wondered how well a Dylon Dye would work on fabric, and recently decided to try it out on a spare set of chair covers. I have an old Habitat sofa and chair, which were cream and very stained, so I had some loose covers made up by Plumbs (very pleased with the result!). The set included 2 chair covers and I only have 1 chair, so for winter I decided to use Dylon to turn one set a deep red colour.

You will need to work out how much fabric dye to buy, one box of machine dye will dye up to 600g of dry fabric, I used 2 boxes for my chair covers. You also need to make sure that there is enough space in your machine, otherwise the result could be patchy. I chose Rosewood Red for my covers. You can see a full range on the Amazon website, stores like Hobbycraft also sell a good range.

You will also need some salt (500g per box), you can use normal table salt which is very cheap; although you can buy specialist dye salt, it makes no difference to the end result.

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Put the dye and salt into the machine using rubber gloves and being very careful not to spill any dye, it will stain anything it touches! My tip is to actually cut the foil packet of dye inside the machine and empty the contents completely, then put the foil in the box to carry to the bin and prevent any spills.

Finally, put the fabric into the washing machine and set it to run on a 40c cycle. After the cycle has finished, run again using detergent/softener to get rid of any excess dye. Dry the fabric away from direct sunlight and then iron as required.

Put the covers back on the chair, pulling tight at the corners to stretch (there is always a little bit of shrinkage after washing).

Finally, a new look chair in a cosy winter colour!

Come back soon to see 2 new posts, the first: How to Make a Simple Cushion Cover, secondly: How to Recover a Stool/Footstool.


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One comment on “How To Dye Chair/Sofa Covers
  1. conniwatson says:

    Sorry for commenting on an ancient post… did you notice any dye transfer from the new covers after you did this? And Which product from Dylon was it that you used? Ta
    I used Dylon fabric dye (suitable for 40′) and there was no dye transfer to the cream cushions afterwards

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