January 2014

Picture of Snowdrops

I love Snowdrops, to me they symbolise hope for the New Year. Pushing their way up through snow to flower, regardless of conditions, they demonstrate that anything is possible. I hope that 2014 proves to be a good year for you….

28th January

Is it too early to be thinking about spring cleaning? My post Christmas house always looks a bit sad and it starts me thinking what improvements I can make. First things first though, I need a good clear out and who better to ask than the experts who make a living from being organised? Better Homes and Gardens have been compiling the best tips and here’s my top ten picks…..

Target Your Efforts

22nd January

What with trying to book a holiday etc, I haven’t been shopping for a while, time to rectify that! There are some really good sales around and I always pay Cos a visit. This Danish brand is a fantastic source of stylish wardrobe staples, well made and reasonably priced. Here’s my pick of the sale….

Jacquard tailored trousers £40 (was £79)

21st January

Today has been so cold, I’m sitting typing this with my coat on! To warm me up I’m making one of my favourite soups: Fennel, Pear and Squash. The combination of ingredients might sound strange but please give this a go, it is amazing! It is also ridiculously easy to make! For more soup recipes, hover over “Food” above and click on “Soup”.

Fennel Pear and Squash Soup

15th January

I’ve been incredibly busy for the last week….. trying to book a holiday! What started out as a leisurely perusal of  holiday ideas rapidly turned into a frantic pursuit of the perfect family break. I’ve even been dreaming about it! Last year we left our holiday search until the last minute (literally, we travelled 2 days later!) it was incredibly stressful (and very expensive!) So this year I was determined to book early and get a good deal. Fortunately, after a lot of research, I  have now booked what I hope will be the perfect holiday, we will be going to Greece and I hope all my research will be worth it! As a result of my internet wanderings I have compiled a guide to Holiday Planning, I hope you find it useful……

Beautiful beach houses in the world - mylusciouslife.com -  luscious beach house living.jpg

6th January

Back to school for the kids today and as usual a rash of letters, announcements etc appears at home time. To keep on top of all the activities why not create a Chalkboard? I have one in my kitchen which is made of removable stickers, one for each day of the week and an extra for the weekend/notes (Note this is not my kitchen, wish it was!).  Chalkboard Ideas…..

blackboard stickers (and lovely wall colour...)

4th January

This year, I’ve tried not to make any New Year resolutions, they are generally broken pretty quickly and just leave me feeling inadequate! That’s not to say that I don’t want to change certain aspects of my life, just to do it in a more positive way. One area I really want to focus on is waste, we throw away such a lot and I’ve been thinking about how I can make some changes. Recycling bread clips might seem like a very small change (ok very, very small!) but just take a look at these fantastic ideas!…..

Cord labels.  When you are crawling under a desk, all the power cords look the same. To save yourself some trouble when searching for the one you want to unplug, make labels from leftover bread-bag clips. Just write the name of each device on the unprinted side of a clip with a permanent marker, and attach the clip to the proper cord.

1st January

If the start of the year sees you feeling dehydrated after the excesses of New Year’s Eve, this article in the Daily Mail will make interesting reading. It follows a journalist’s experiment to try drinking more water (a lot of water!) and the results are startling…..How Drinking 3 Litres of Water a Day Took 10 Years off my Face.

After four weeks: Sarah looks like a different woman

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