Shiny New Year Fireworks Card 2018: Have you ever attended a fireworks show to celebrate the start of a new year? If so, you'll love the design of this Shiny New Year Fireworks card! A dark night's sky is filled with the sparks, lights, and shapes of vibrant golden fireworks and glowing spots of light. At the bottom of the card, "Happy New Year 2018" rings in the brand New Year!

A very Happy New Year to you all!! Do you have a plan for 2018? To create your very own bucket list, take a look at these great ideas from Pinterest.

My holiday planning last year was very successful, we ended up with fantastic accommodation for very little money, thanks to Trip Advisor! I will definitely be following the same steps this year and you can do the same by reading my post : Holiday Planning.

Are you planning any house projects this year? If so, you must take a look at the Houzz website, it’s a fantastic resource for projects of all types, shapes and sizes, both inside and out. The following house had a complete makeover, it now looks amazing and you really will not believe how it started out….

January is all about embracing a new start and lots of people make resolutions and set themselves goals. After the excesses of Christmas these are often to do with weight loss and getting fit and healthy! Well, I’m no exception, an 8 lb weight gain (mainly chocolate and wine I think!) means I need to make some changes to my diet. I have had a lot of success with juicing in recent years and I like the fact that, while restricting calories for a short time, I am also putting the maximum amount of nutrients possible into my body. I have been following Jason Vale’s juicing plans for a while and I really like his latest idea: Soup and Juice. A great idea for the colder months when pure, cold juices can seem a little daunting. Take a look at his Facebook page for more information, or see my post on the Juice Plan-Lose up to 7 lbs in 7 days….

This time of year can be really challenging in terms of illness; my family have already suffered their fair share of coughs and colds. Hopefully, I’ve managed to reduce their suffering by using the right supplements and remedies. I’m a big fan of using ginger to fight all sorts of bugs, it is a very warming and comforting spice in the winter; I make a ginger tea with fresh ginger root, lemon, honey and echinacea, I call it my “fight the bugs tea” and it seems to work! Adding ginger to your cooking can help too and I love Fay Ripley’s recipe for Orange and Ginger Chicken, it’s delicious!

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