Juice Plan- Lose up to 7lbs in a week



Follow this juice plan and you could lose up to 7lbs in time for Summer.

It’s that time of year again! Summer hols loom and we all start panicking about fitting into that bikini.

Now I am not a fan of diets at all, they just don’t work in the long term. As Jennifer Aniston said in OK magazine recently “just eat regularly and properly in moderation”. Easy for her to say perhaps?! She is right of course, but it takes an awful lot of willpower to do that all the time and for the rest of us there are always going to be occasions when we could just do with losing a few pounds. (I bet Jennifer Aniston is the same before the Oscars!).

A few years ago I came across a juice plan in Closer magazine and have used it every time I want to lose a few pounds (ie before every holiday, Christmas and special occasion!). Jason Vale is the celebrity health coach behind this plan, he helped Katie Price lose her baby weight (two stone apparently!) in three months.

The reason I like this is that it involves 5 regular “meals” a day, you will also be taking in an incredible amount of fruit and vegetables in juice form; in other words it is really healthy and won’t upset your metabolism when you go back to normal eating. I like to think of it as giving your body a rest for a week, plus your skin will look amazing because of all the vitamins and minerals, perfect!

The Juice Plan (click here to be taken to the recipes)

Every morning start at 7am (or whenever you get up) with a cup of hot water and lemon and finish at 9pm with Peppermint or Herbal tea.

Day 1  8am Breakfast on The Go, 11am JM’s Lemon/Ginger Zinger, 2pm Mango “Bio-Live” Energiser, 5pm JM’s Turbo Smoothie, 8pm JM’s Chute Juice.

Day 2 8am Breakfast On The Go, 11am JM’s Pure Green Juice, 2pm Honey, Vanilla & Live Yoghurt, 5pm JM’s Turbo Smoothie, 8pm JM’s Fruit Chute.

Day 3 8am Mango “Bio-Live” Energiser, 11am JM’s Pure Green Juice, 2pm JM’s Turbo Smoothie, 5pm Honey, Vanilla & Live Yoghurt, 8pm JM’s Lemon/Ginger Zinger.

Day 4 8am Breakfast on The Go, 11am JM’s Chute Juice, 2pm Passion Smoothie, 5pm JM’s Pure Green Juice, 8pm JM’s Pure Green Juice.

Day 5 8am Mango “Bio-Live” Energiser, 11am JM’s Turbo Smoothie, 2pm Honey, Vanilla & Live Yoghurt, 5pm JM’s Pure Green Juice, 8pm Passion Smoothie.

Day 6 8am Breakfast On The Go, 11am M’s Lemon/Ginger Zinger, 2pm Mango “Bio-Live” Energiser, 5pm JM’s Turbo Smoothie, 8pm JM’s Chute Juice.

Day 7 8am JM’s Fruit Chute, 11am Honey, Vanilla & Live Yoghurt, 2pm  JM’s Pure Green Juice, 5pm Mango “Bio-Live” Energiser, 8pm Passion Smoothie.

If you would like more recipes, to see reviews or read the full diet then follow the link below


7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice DietSee the full range of Jason’s books on Amazon


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