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Last Christmas I received a gorgeous box of chocolates, both the box and chocs were amazing. I kept hold of the box, thinking I could make something out of it as it was too nice to throw away. Eventually (9 months later!) I decided it would make a lovely jewellery box so this post is the result!


The box had 4 layers which opened out as shown above, the inside was perfect, it was just the outside which needed recovering. I found some gorgeous metallic craft papers at Hobbycraft (Amazon also sell similar) which had the same colour purple in the pattern and decided to use 2 different ones for the lid and sides of the box:


I gathered together the items I would need, a pencil, measuring tape, scissors, glue and the papers:



The first step was to measure the lid, allowing a small margin for overlapping the inside rim:



I then cut out a circle in my chosen patterned paper, slightly larger than the lid:



After cutting out a circle of this size, I drew around the lid, leaving an even margin:



Using the scissors, I cut into the circle, up to the line, to create small flaps which could be folded over the rim:



Now it was time for the glue! I smoothed an even layer of glue over the lid:



Then I added a thin line of glue on the edge of the lid and folded the edges over carefully:



Now, to cover the rim of the lid, I measured and cut a strip, allowing a margin for folding over and cut small flaps as before. I used the straight edge of the paper for the top of the lid to provide a neat edge:



I applied the glue to the outside and inside edges and carefully folded the paper over the rim of the lid:



Now for the main box, I measured around the box and cut out the paper, this time I cut the paper to the exact size of the box:



I applied the glue and stuck the paper to the box:



(You might need to neaten the edges of the paper) I then allowed the glue to dry completely:



I added the original ribbon back on to the finished box as the colour was a great match but you could use a different fastening:



Now all that was needed was the jewellery! I hope you agree that the finished jewellery box looks great, let me know!






My name is Caroline Sutton and I'm a wife and mother of 3 children, passionate about food, keeping me and my family healthy, gorgeous interiors and shopping! I have a degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology and continue to be interested in the science behind diet and drugs. I also have a Diploma and City and Guilds in Interior Design and for the last 17 years have run a property company which develops, redevelops and manages rental properties: Sunlight Properties Ltd.

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