The days are getting longer and the lovely spring flowers are showing their faces. I love daffodils, they are such a happy flower, they never fail to make me smile. My garden seems to be a bit behind in flowering, maybe it’s all the wet weather, it’s been under water for weeks!

22nd March

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, having a week away and then succumbing to a horrible cough/cold but I’m back with a vengeance! The days suddenly seem to be so much longer and my thoughts always turn to home improvements. I hope you like my post on professional tips for How to Choose a Paint Colour, great advice from BHG!

Tucked-Away Space

17th March

I love Pinterest, I can waste hours of my life on that site! There are some fabulous ideas on there and I hope you’ll be inspired by the Board I’ve put together; with Easter coming up you might find some gift ideas to make. I love this notice board….. Clever Crafts.

Under the glass of the frames she laid strips of scrapbooking paper in them with circle punches and letter stickers. Voila, a weekly planner showing this week and next week, that I can write on with dry-wipe marker:

15th March

I have been away for a week, a skiing trip with some girlfriends, we had a fab time and the food was excellent! We tended to eat out at lunch time so didn’t really want too much in the evening. In this situation, soup fits the bill perfectly. I really loved this recipe: Spicy Parsnip Soup, created by Sue and relished by all of us!

14th March

Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to take a good look at your home to see how you could make some improvements. Even if this is just the classic “spring clean” it will make you feel better. But for me (and probably a lot of others too), I seriously need to declutter! Who better to ask than the experts, take a look at their excellent tips……

Clean Out

6th March

Are you planning a dinner party this weekend? The perfect dish is Beef Bourguignon, it’s easy to make, tastes fantastic and will impress your guests. Plus if you make it the day before it will taste even better leaving you with a stress free day to make your side dishes and set the table! I serve this with Potatoes Boulangere and for a great dessert try my recipe for Easy Lemon Tart.

Beef Bourguignon

3rd March

School allocation day! Unfortunately my son didn’t get allocated his chosen school, we are less than half a mile outside the cut off point for this year. Last year we would have been well within the zone, so what to do? There are two things you can do, firstly contact the local authority and ask to be put on the “reallocation list”. This means that if a child turns down an allocated place you could have it reallocated to your child. Secondly, you can appeal the decision by completing an appeals form (available on most council websites) and going to tribunal (generally appeals are heard in May). In the meantime, the allocated place will stay until the appeals process has been gone through. The letter you receive offering a place should have all the information you need in order to go through an appeal. You can find more information on the BBC website…

Primary School pupil

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