May Pole

May always reminds me of May Pole dancing at school, we always performed the dance at the school Summer Fair and it was mesmerising as a child to see the patterns appear as the ribbons entwined. We had to be so careful not to go wrong, one false move and the whole pattern would be destroyed! May is such a “pretty” month, everything appears so much brighter, the colours in the garden, so vivid. The days are getting warmer and longer with more time spent outside, time to organise summer parties!

26th May

Half term and the kids are bored, at least I am because I can’t do my normal “things”! Pinterest to the rescue and a large number of tin cans in the recycling bin has given me some inspiration. Take a look at these fab ideas for recycling/upcycling tin cans…… 10 Great Ideas for Tin Cans.

23rd May

My house has been looking a bit sad lately! Some redecorating is definitely in order, but I never know which paint colour to choose; I go round and round in circles and end up with something very similar to what I already have! Well, this time it is going to be different and to help me I’ve got the Better Homes and Gardens Expert advice…..How to Choose a Paint Colour.

15th May

It’s time to start planting up my pots and tubs for the decking area at the back of my house, I love the way they brighten up the space and make me smile! (Hopefully football/rugby mad child number 3 won’t destroy them!). I tend to use the same plants each year because I know how they will look but I might try some different combinations as seen on the Better Homes and Gardens website. If you need some planting inspiration this could be for you! Perfect planting for containers…..

11th May

Not feeling quite so summery today, it’s blowing a gale where I live (on the North West coast of England). Time for some warming comfort food and Sausage Casserole fits the bill, a tasty combination of sausages,chorizo, beans and herbs; delicious!

7th May

This sunny weather is really making me want to eat more healthily, particularly salads. Adding a salad to your lunch or evening meal is a great way to increase your intake of vegetables and you can make it much more interesting by making your own dressing. I’ve put together some of my favourite recipes: Salad Dressings. I’ve also got some great Salad Ideas!

Recipe For Greek Salad

5th May

Having a few meat free meals a week is an excellent idea, both for health and to save money! Trying to find a recipe which can satisfy a  family of meat eaters, though, is quite a challenge! My recipe for Vegetarian Moussaka fits the bill both in terms of flavour and filling up those hungry tummies! Serve with a Greek Salad and some Mediterranean bread for a simple Vegetarian Dinner party dish.

 Healthy Vegetarian Moussaka

2nd May

My garden is looking gorgeous, the leaves on the trees are such a variety of greens, it’s inspired me to do some entertaining. There really is nothing better than an English Country Garden, sitting in the sun sipping something cool. Why not take a look at my Garden Party Ideas to inspire you?

Beautiful table flowers create the right atmosphere..

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