Summer is just around the corner and I’m spending more time in the garden trying to get it ship shape. Planting now will mean your plants are flowering and filling out nicely just when you want your garden to look its best. One aspect of gardening I find really tricky is working out which plants to put together, I found some great planting ideas on the Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) website. I’ve collected some of them together in my post Perfect Window Boxes, but these ideas will apply to any container or bed…..

Dress Up Your Deck

Cystitis is a condition which affects many women (and more rarely some men and children). For most this is a short lived inconvenience, but for a few it becomes a life changing problem. I’ve hopefully covered all aspects of diagnosis and treatment in my post “Living with Cystitis“….

Cranberry Juice

I’ve added a new category today: Hero Products. The idea behind this is that there are certain items in my house which I just can’t live without, these are my “Hero Products”. I’ll be adding new items as and when I think of them, there are all sorts of things related to beauty, the house, gardening, cleaning, I hope that you will try them and let me know what you think!

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