Pork Stroganoff with Three Mustards

Veau Stroganoff

Time after time when I want a recipe I reach for Delia Smith’s books. I have quite a few, but my favourite is my bible: Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course. It is now rather battered but still does the job of coming up with great recipes which are easy to follow and taste great. It will teach you how to cook practically anything!

One of my favourite recipes is from The Winter Collection: Pork Stroganoff with Three Mustards, it is very simple yet absolutely delicious and my kids love it (always important!). It takes 20 minutes from start to finish and could easily be served at a dinner party.

The recipe serves 2, so just double up on quantities, depending on the number of people you are cooking for.

  • 350g pork tenderloin
  • 110g small mushrooms
  • 1 tsp English mustard powder
  • 1 tsp wholegrain mustard
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 1x200ml tub creme fraiche
  • 10g butter
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 small onion, thinly sliced,
  • 75ml dry white wine
  • salt and pepper

Prepare the pork by trimming any fat or sinewy bits then cut into thin strips, 7.5cm long by 5mm wide (approximately!). Slice the mushrooms through the stalk, thinly. Combine the mustards with the creme fraiche in a small bowl.

When you are ready to cook, heat the butter and oil in a frying pan, add the onion slices and fry gently over a medium heat until soft. Then remove them from the pan with a slotted spoon for later, turn up the heat and add the pork strips, moving them around the pan to prevent burning. Now add the mushrooms and toss around to cook briefly until the juices start running. Next, return the onions to the pan, season well and add the wine. Let it bubble and reduce slightly before adding the creme fraiche mix. Stir the whole lot together and allow to reduce, then serve over basmati rice with some green vegetables or a green salad.

This is real comfort food! But it doesn’t have to be high calorie if you use half fat creme fraiche or even yogurt for the sauce (just take care that with heating it doesn’t separate).

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