A Chanel shopping spree!  I would LOVE that!

As a student 30 years ago with very little money but a love of shopping I learned how to hunt down bargains. I think I got quite good at it! Even when I got a job and started earning more money I could never resist the urge to find a good deal and my love of shopping just grew and grew! With the advent of the internet it has never been easier to search out bargains and I want to share what I’ve learnt with you and hope that you will return the favour by posting your own good deals.

Over time I may have to categorise these but for now they could be anything from home or health to fashion or beauty items so bear with me if they seem a bit random!

If you are searching for something on a certain budget and just don’t have the time or energy to devote to the task then please fell free to ask me and I’ll do what I can to help.

I will be posting the best deal or best deals I’ve found today on my travels around the internet and also hitting the high street.

Shopping for bargains

One of my favourite subjects!

Shopping falls into 2 categories for me, firstly there is the specific item that I may have seen advertised in a magazine, or groceries only available in one shop so I will go and buy there.

Secondly there are the more general items that could come from several different places. My first port of call when shopping for these items is google, this gives me a general idea of price as a ballpark figure and I can then start shopping around. Google may well come up with some good retailers but I also check out ebay and amazon as the items for sale there don’t always come up in the google search.

I will also check and as they can sometimes have deals and special offers for short periods.

Once I have found what I consider to be the best and cheapest product I will google (the retailer and voucher codes) to see if there are any valid discount codes. If not, it is always worth checking out old codes, I recently used a code which was “summer 2011″ and it worked!

Finally, if you are not sure about the retailer and it is a large ticket item then it is worth printing the details and trying to get a price match from a high street retailer such as John Lewis.

I hope this gives you some ideas and please post your own!

Check back soon  for more info on my favourite places to shop.

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