Spring Storage Solutions

Spring is traditionally a time for sorting and decluttering: the Spring Clean! Here are some great ideas courtesy of the BHG website.

Store & Decorate

Organize and decorate at the same time with pretty baskets and boxes. Buy items that coordinate with your decor and meet your storage needs.

Cup of Storage

Eliminate bulky packages for only the price of pretty cups. Employ decorative cups or containers to store cotton balls and cotton swabs. Stash the packages elsewhere and refill the cups as needed.

Not So Lazy Susan

The addition of a lazy Susan to a cupboard can organise all your bits and pieces. Group like items (such as sandwich condiments or spices) on a lazy Susan, and finding what you need will only require a quick spin, rather than a dig into the recesses of your cabinets.

Sports Basket

A simple laundry basket is the ideal candidate for storing bulky sports equipment. These spacious vessels are affordable and durable and can handle plenty of wear and tear. To affix a label to the basket, punch holes in the corners of the labels. Run zip ties through the holes and through the weave of the basket to attach.

Weekly Wardrobe

Make morning routines easier by organizing a week’s worth of outfits. Divide them up with tags marked with a day of the week. Place your planned outfits with the designated tag and you’ll save time each morning when deciding what to wear.

Tabletop Chic

A grouping of milk glass cups and bowls found at flea markets and charity shops for as little as 25 pence each are a decorative way to store pens, pencils, paper clips, and other office supplies. Mix and match vessels of different patterns and shapes in the same colour on a bright tray for a stylish, cohesive look.

Pipe Dream

A length of PVC pipe is a DIY staple that can transform your drawer storage. Buy a length of pipe about 2-3 inches in diameter. Select a pipe that has thinner walls which is easier to cut and usually cheaper. Measure the height of your drawers and cut the pipe accordingly. Line a drawer with the pipe pieces and place rolled up stockings, leggings, and scarves inside the pieces.

Kitchen Catchall

Expand your kitchen storage space with a clear plastic shoe organiser. The pockets are a perfect place to keep kitchen tools and supplies so they don’t get lost in a drawer. For added elegance, add three screws to the top of the door and suspend the bag from ribbon hangers. Don’t forget to label each pocket so everyone knows where to return items.

Jewelry Hangout

Elegantly display necklaces and bracelets on a paper towel holder. Try a chrome or decorative one for more interest. Install it on the wall above a chest of drawers or vanity for organisation that doubles as a piece of  art.

Basket Liners

Turn a wicker basket into food storage simply by adding a liner made from tea towels. Cut one towel to fit the bottom of the basket. Cut four side panels from a second towel. Make the panels about 3 inches longer and wider than the basket. Stitch the pieces together and hem the top edges. Place the finished liner in the basket and fold over the top. The inexpensive baskets make organisation easy and stylish.

In the Pan

Eliminate vanity clutter by storing beauty essentials in mini loaf pans. Use each compartment to organise a single type of product such as make-up sponges, nail varnish, perfume, and brushes. Loaf pans come in many sizes and their stainless-steel finish makes them sleek enough to sit out on a countertop.

Bucket Lists

Tidy up the hall with personalised metal storage buckets. Pick buckets that will fit the shelves of a bookcase for a put-together look. Buckets can be primed and painted to match the rest of your decor. Give buckets a personal touch with name tags that help everyone keep track of his or her mess. Use magnets to add to-do lists and messages to individual buckets.

Hanger Holder

Piles of magazines and newspapers easily stack up and create clutter. Sort out the ones you want to save and use a sturdy wooden or decorative hanger to keep reading material within arm’s reach.

Creative Container

Charity shops are a good source for these 1950’s style tumbler sets, there are many different types and they make wonderful pen pots!

Divide & Conquer

For keys, glasses, and other small items you might need to grab on your way out the door, top an entryway bookcase with a wicker cutlery tray. To keep them organised, label the compartments. Attach tags with florist’s wire.

Wrap It Up

Turn coffee tins, soup cans, and powdered drink tubs into pretty storage containers by covering them with decorative papers. Cut the paper to size, then attach with spray adhesive or double-sided sticky tape. They’re perfect for holding pencils, pens, scissors, and other desk or crafts supplies.

Step Up

Give a retired ladder a new lease of life and add storage space and vintage charm to any room. Simply screw vent grates in place on each rung. Paint the ladder in a colour that matches the rest of your decor. Other vintage items such as a metal colander and a wire basket are reinvented as more storage.

Do you have any more ideas for great storage?


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