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I have been thinking about writing this for a while and the fact that my niece has just started at University got me thinking that now is the time! I reckon that a couple of weeks into term, the novelty of sandwiches, takeaways and beans on toast will have worn off, it’s time to get cooking!

Cooking can be an incredibly sociable affair, an easy way to make friends and bond by inviting people over to eat and drink. Or just have fun with your own flatmates, share recipes and tips, even teach them (or yourself!) how to cook! Being a student doesn’t mean you can’t eat well and I hope some of these recipes will inspire you to create and share some wonderful meals.

Once upon a very, very long time ago I was a student too! I remember trying to cook stuff from scratch and it being a very hit and miss affair. Fortunately, I had a good friend and between the two of us we mastered some pretty decent recipes. But…. it would have been so much easier to have a basic guide to give us some ideas and that is what I’ve tried to create here.

All these recipes are on my blog so they’re easily accessible, but I’ve also written an ebook (coming soon!) for you to download for free, as a hard copy if you like, because I find it much easier to cook that way!

The recipes are designed to be as easy and reasonably priced as possible (I don’t know a student on the planet who isn’t trying to save money!)








There are certain ingredients which you will find you use all the time so it makes sense to have them in a store cupboard. This also means that you can create a few meals without having to go shopping, very useful if you come home one night and don’t know what to eat! This might seem like a lot of ingredients to buy but most of them will last you all term or year. If possible, club together with flatmates and share the cost, or ask parents/relatives to help out. If someone you know has a Costco or similar wholesale card this can work out much cheaper for items like pasta/rice/tinned veg etc.
Store Cupboard

Lazy Garlic
Bouillon Stock Powder (I like Marigold and you can use it universally whenever stock is required)
Tomato Puree/Paste
Curry Powder (basic) or (Garam masala, Turmeric, Ground Cumin, Ginger and Coriander)
Smoked Paprika
Chilli Powder
Tomato Ketchup
Soy Sauce
Balsamic Vinegar
Chopped Tomatoes
Pasta (Spaghetti, Fusilli, Penne)
Rice (I like Basmati, it goes with everything)
Self Raising Flour
Caster Sugar


Creme Fraiche or Greek Yogurt

Weights and Measures Conversion Tables

Use these tables to convert Imperial to Metric and American Cups to Imperial and Metric.

Useful Equipment

Chopping board (thin plastic ones are ideal and really cheap)
1 large and 1 small knife for chopping (I like the Ikea 365 range which are well priced)
Scissors (for cutting meat into pieces and chopping bacon etc)
Wooden spoon
Plastic spatula and large spoon/ladle (go for the most robust)
Metal balloon whisk
1 large and 1 small plastic mixing bowls
1 litre measuring jug
1 medium and 1 large pan with lid
Frying pan
Large shallow casserole type dish with lid (which can be used both on the hob and in the oven, non stick is ideal, can also be used for frying)
Baking tray
Hand held blender


My name is Caroline Sutton and I'm a wife and mother of 3 children, passionate about food, keeping me and my family healthy, gorgeous interiors and shopping! I have a degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology and continue to be interested in the science behind diet and drugs. I also have a Diploma and City and Guilds in Interior Design and for the last 17 years have run a property company which develops, redevelops and manages rental properties: Sunlight Properties Ltd.

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