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I love Tartiflette, it is a staple component of any menu in the French Alps; although the restaurant version often comes laden with a creamy sauce which probably provides your entire day’s calories in one dish! My version is super

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Micellar Water

This product is currently taking the beauty product industry by storm. A firm favourite of make-up artists  (plus the French who have been using this for years apparently!) this intriguing liquid is colourless, odourless and the one I tried (L’Oreal)

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Salad Dressings

Home made Salad Dressings are so much better than shop bought ones. Mass produced dressings are made to have a long shelf life so they will often contain some sort of preservative and also thickeners. Making your own dressing means

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Boulangère Potatoes

Boulangère Potatoes is a versatile dish which is easy to make and, once prepared, you can put it in the oven and forget about it. The name of this tasty recipe comes from the bread ovens in France which were

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Dutch Style

Traditional Living Room by Other Metro Interior Designer in3interieur Dutch style is seriously underrated as evidenced by this very stylish house in The Netherlands. My sister lived in Holland for several years and I loved going to visit her just

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