Televisions:- To Hide or Not To Hide?

Are you proud to display your huge flat screen TV? Or would you rather it could fade into the background? I guess most of us (women!) would like a happy medium; for everyday use it’s great to have the television on display, the focal point of our evenings, but when we entertain it would be nice to hide it away so our guests become the focus of our attention.

There are some very clever storage solutions around to hide or disguise your black box, just as there are some stylish options to keep it in full view. I’ve collected some ideas on the Houzz website, some of which I’m sharing here:

To Hide….


Custom built storage can really make the most of your space and is often a more cost effective option. In this room, the television is mounted on a hinged platform which can be swung around and hidden.
The cabinet with the doors shut and the television well and truly hidden!
The television in full view.
An ingenious sliding panel has been installed so that this television can be hidden. The fabric covered panel slides down, covering the TV and making the room a more formal entertaining space.
 I love this idea for a holiday home where you will not be watching the television during the day (unless it’s pouring down!). In the evening, the TV simply slides out from its hiding place behind the adjacent fireplace. No need for curtains or blinds!
The wooden panel slides out to reveal the television.
An elegant option for above the fireplace, this beautiful sitting room would be spoiled by a modern television sitting in the corner. Instead these stunning marble inlay doors swing open to reveal the television behind.
This is such a cool piece of kit! Where is the television? Is it behind the mirror? Actually the mirror IS the television, the amazing technology which allows this very realistic mirror to become a TV is from
I love the look of this piece of furniture and the idea behind it is an excellent one; how many people actually have the room for a home cinema? And if you do have a cinema room, wouldn’t it be great to be able to use it for something else? Take a close look at this bookcase as it can be transformed into a cinema….
……The bottom of the cabinet contains ventilated cupboards to hide speakers……
……..And a screen drops down from the top to turn the area into a home cinema! Genius!
Not To Hide…..
 I don’t normally like televisions above fire places, but in this room the TV totally blends into the wall by painting the chimney breast black.
In this room, the television is in full view but blends in beautifully with the scheme and the fireplace is still the ultimate focal point, very clever.
 For when you want your television on display, it is highly recommended that you think about disguising the brackets and wires. So often you see a wall mounted television “hanging” off the wall displaying all the mechanism in its ugly glory! Here a box has been created for the bracket and wires so that the TV can sit flush to the wall when not in use.
This works really well, a simple white frame completely disguises the television.
And finally, for the television obsessed! Need I say more?

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